Clearly there are things that are overused in the software industry. Some of them even impact the world beyond the development office. The innocent term clean is one of them. Regardless of whoever bugs you about it — let us forget about them and embrace the power of clean together.


Blockchain, Bitcoin, IOT and many even more complex, but none the less exciting sounding terms fill the IT sector nowadays. But what are the first things you will stumble upon when diving into this topic, which of them would be a good-to-know beforehand, and most of all — Where do I start?


Developer by Day, Hacker at Night

Having a clear picture of how your code should look is crucial in times when communication is reduced to a minimum and direct human interaction is hardly possible. Understanding and applying the fundamental principles and practices can make life as easy for you and your peers as possible right now.

Jessica Veit

Software Engineer | Writer | Musician | Having a Passion for Hiking

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